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Been wondering this for a few days now, the hell do these things breed?

[He indicates the pokemon, notably Marshall and Lily the Treeckos, who seem to be snuggling. There's also an egg in front of them.]

I mean, someone must've seen them do it, right? It happens all the time at home. And how do they lay eggs anyway? I mean, that egg is pretty much the same size as Lily. It's freaking me out.

[He stares at his pokemon for a little while longer before adding as an after thought]

I, uh, did it with the Joy in Ecruteak, by the way. Five Joys. I should be getting badges for that.

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Been a while, hasn't it readers? 

As I'm sure many of you know, I've made it to Goldenrod City, which the first decent place of civilzation in this world. It's even better, now that I've got a job at the Radio Tower. Who knew they were hiring in my department! It's like life's almost back to normal for me! It's awesome!!! And they pay pretty well to.

Although they seem to be hiring a lot of people. I've had like, three janitors come by my office today to pick the trash. It's really weird.

Oh, and you can add an Officer Jenny to the count as well, if you know what I mean.

That's about all...anything you guys want me to blog about?
[Feed switches to video]

Also, does anyone have a female Treeco? [He holds up Marshall the Treeco, who waves at the camera] If you do, would you be willing to trade for a Sentret? It's kinda important.


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