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[Barney appears on the screen, looking rather chipper and like a cat that just ate the canary, but that's normal for the Barnacle.]

You know, Johto, I've been doing some thinking. And it has been way way to quiet around here. I mean, it's nice that I have a decent city to live in with a decent job, even though it isn't New York or my job, but I'm getting too stuck in a rut, and that's boring.

So, here's the plan. Saturday night? There's gonna be a party. I found this awesome club just off the main street and the I convinced the owner to let me rent it for half price! And this place has got everything so it'll be great. Although, you might want to be over 18 if you're gonna attend, since there's going to be alcohol and stuff strippers, and I don't know what constitutes legal here, so we'll just stick with that.

Make sure you come, 'cause it's gonna be legendary!

[Private Text to Larry Butz]

Dude, if you are in Goldenrod get to the Radio Tower right now. I will need your help for this party.

[/End Private]

[ooc: strikes not said but implied. tags to come tomorrow morning]
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Been a while, hasn't it readers? 

As I'm sure many of you know, I've made it to Goldenrod City, which the first decent place of civilzation in this world. It's even better, now that I've got a job at the Radio Tower. Who knew they were hiring in my department! It's like life's almost back to normal for me! It's awesome!!! And they pay pretty well to.

Although they seem to be hiring a lot of people. I've had like, three janitors come by my office today to pick the trash. It's really weird.

Oh, and you can add an Officer Jenny to the count as well, if you know what I mean.

That's about all...anything you guys want me to blog about?
[Feed switches to video]

Also, does anyone have a female Treeco? [He holds up Marshall the Treeco, who waves at the camera] If you do, would you be willing to trade for a Sentret? It's kinda important.

Entry 13

Dec. 11th, 2010 12:53 pm
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You know what? I've been here for months, and I just realized, I barely know anybody!

And that's just...wrong. I mean, there's a lot of people who use this thing and I don't expect to know everyone, but I feel like I should know more people, or at least,  be familiar with them. [specifically girls, but that won't be mentioned]

So, people of the pokegear, readers of Barney's blog, tell me about yourselves. Who are you? Where are you from? Whatever you want! Just make it awesome!

[This gets edited in a little bit later]

Figured I should have said something about myself. I'm Barney Stinson, from New York, New York, The United States of America. I've been here for about five months. I enjoy hanging out in bars, long walks on the beach and and I can play 83 musical instruments. I hold the record for the most weight ever calf-pressed, as well as in laser tag and good looks.

[Blurb lovingly borrowed from the back of The Bro Code, by Barney Stinson and Matt Kuhn. Which is an actual book and if you ever want to know how Barney thinks, pick it up sometime.]
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[ooc: again, slight nsfw]

Been a while, hasn't it readers?

Well, that's because I've been busy. A week in the woods followed by a week in the city. God I hate camping. Getting here was awful, let me tell you. Stupid owls and spiders and god knows what else. I did catch one of those racoon-thingys though. Not to sure what to call it. Any suggestions, readers?

The city's nice. I like this Violet place. Not quite New York but at least it's civilization. Which is slightly more awesome than those last too places. And the nurses here are as nice as the ones in Cherrygrove, if you know what I mean.

Getting a bit sick of the sake now though. Really craving a beer. Or a scotch and soda.

Anyone remember what the point of those old video games were? I never actually played them, I just know they were a fad.

[ooc: he's somewhere in Violet if you want action]
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[ooc:The contents of this post might by nsfw, as yes, Barney is talking about sex. The Nurse he is referring to is Nurse Joy, btw.]

[Everything about this entry reeks of smugness. Barney is pretty proud of himself right now. He also doesn't know that there are kids on the pokegear]

So. Guess who did it with that nurse at the pokemon center?


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