May. 19th, 2011

usedsuitup: (Here we go)
[Barney appears on the screen, looking rather chipper and like a cat that just ate the canary, but that's normal for the Barnacle.]

You know, Johto, I've been doing some thinking. And it has been way way to quiet around here. I mean, it's nice that I have a decent city to live in with a decent job, even though it isn't New York or my job, but I'm getting too stuck in a rut, and that's boring.

So, here's the plan. Saturday night? There's gonna be a party. I found this awesome club just off the main street and the I convinced the owner to let me rent it for half price! And this place has got everything so it'll be great. Although, you might want to be over 18 if you're gonna attend, since there's going to be alcohol and stuff strippers, and I don't know what constitutes legal here, so we'll just stick with that.

Make sure you come, 'cause it's gonna be legendary!

[Private Text to Larry Butz]

Dude, if you are in Goldenrod get to the Radio Tower right now. I will need your help for this party.

[/End Private]

[ooc: strikes not said but implied. tags to come tomorrow morning]


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