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Wow...where did all these people come from? It's like I'm back home all of a sudden. Awesome!

[Crowds, what joy! And so many people to. This is exciting. So he's walking around Violet checking everything out, with Ted the Totodile dancing around behind him.

And is it just him or all those buildings that didn't have doors suddenly have them? And they're unlocked to! Well, might as well go check them out since this is a video game. So he goes into a room, a light clicks on, and Barney finds that the room is filled with Bidoofs and Miruhog. And they look mad. 

There's a scramble for the door, which Barney flings open, only to be knocked to his feet by a sudden stampeded of the aforementioned pokemon. There is now a stampeded of angry rodent pokemon in Violet. You're welcome.]

What the hell were those?

Entry 11

Oct. 22nd, 2010 09:38 pm
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Pretty sure I've seen that same cloud for a while now, like a couple of days. The one that looks like the Empire State Building.

Everything's really still to. I mean, I'm usually the first to complain, but I honestly miss New York's weather right now. At least that wasn't still.

This is starting to freak me out.
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[So, Barney wandered out onto Route 32 to see what all the fuss was about. The crystallizing and the Unknown are really kinda weird, so, Barney's hiding out behind a tree till it's safe to go back to Violet. However, he's found a friend]

Hey Guys, look! It's a B, for Barney!

[He's pointing at an Unknown "B" who's floating near Barney. The Unknown just sorta blinks]

[ooc: replies most likely to come tomorrow]


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