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[Barney appears on the screen, looking rather chipper and like a cat that just ate the canary, but that's normal for the Barnacle.]

You know, Johto, I've been doing some thinking. And it has been way way to quiet around here. I mean, it's nice that I have a decent city to live in with a decent job, even though it isn't New York or my job, but I'm getting too stuck in a rut, and that's boring.

So, here's the plan. Saturday night? There's gonna be a party. I found this awesome club just off the main street and the I convinced the owner to let me rent it for half price! And this place has got everything so it'll be great. Although, you might want to be over 18 if you're gonna attend, since there's going to be alcohol and stuff strippers, and I don't know what constitutes legal here, so we'll just stick with that.

Make sure you come, 'cause it's gonna be legendary!

[Private Text to Larry Butz]

Dude, if you are in Goldenrod get to the Radio Tower right now. I will need your help for this party.

[/End Private]

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Well Readers, another year come and gone. Hard to believe we've reached 2009 already. [yes, it is 2009 for him]

Of course I didn't expect spending half of it stuck in a video game from the 90's. I'd like to say that stranger things have happened, but that really isn't the case. Looking back, I figure this may be some sort of punishment for me, but I think I deserve some forgiveness now. I already got hit by a bus.

Still, this world isn't bad. I mean, I finally made it to Goldenrod City, which is actual civilization. Streets, cars, skyscrapers, a bar, a casino. This place is awesome. And the girls here aren't that bad. Speaking of which, Junpei, 45, plus I scored with the Nurse Joy here, so 46.

I always like to have a resolution or two for the New Year. This year, I think I'll resolve to meet more of you lovely ladies on the network. And be awesome. Oh wait. I already am.
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[See Barney. He's hanging around the pokemon center like usual. Not a whole lot to do today, just helping out, hoping to get of Violet soon since the Nurse Joy's been making obvious girlfriend-y like advances and that's not a good thing. Idly he checks the pokegear, and almost drops it in surprise]

Whoa! Whoa whoa whoa! It's Thanksgiving? Already? No, I can't believe I'm missing one of my favorite holidays right now, with the parade and the meal and everything. This is so not awesome. I mean, I don't think they even have Thanksgiving in this place, much less a decent Turkey. This sucks.

[He sulks for a bit, ruminating about Thanksgivings gone by. You might see his hand go up to rub his cheek, phantom pain perhaps? That's right, last Thanksgiving wasn't that great either, now that he thinks about it. Marshall's not here. He's not gonna get slapped. Maybe this won't be so bad after all]

Actually, forget that last part, this Thanksgiving's gonna be a good one. I'm actually thankful that my friends aren't here right now. Looks like Slapsgiving's not happening this year and it's Legen - wait for it - dary!

So, what are you guys thankful for? 

Oh, and Donald, are you still selling those autographs? I want one.

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Hey, with this text function, I can use this thing like a blog. Awesome! Barney's Blog is back in action, and portable to, and you all better read it! I provide useful information on this thing. Well, once I start figuring this place out.

For now, I'm stuck travelling to Cherrygrove City. At least it's an actual city and not some backwater town. And I found a suit! Even better. Things are finally looking up for the Barnacle. I also was able to catch one of those bird-pokemon. Pidgey? Sounds right. Marshall would know. Named it Robin. [He's proud of that, and thinks it's kind of funny.]

Questions for those of you who've been here for a while? How often do pokemon attack? I'm not gonna have to fight them all the way there am I? I don't want to have to do that along with the elements? Also, what the women like here? I need to know what I'm getting myself into.

The Barnacle

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