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[The audio of the pokegear is on, so you can probably hear the sounds of  Ted the Totodile puttering around. It kinda sounds like he's singing a song, or talking to himself.]

Toto--dile, toto--dile, totototo----dile! Dile, dile, Totodile!

[He's noticed the pokegear now, and the talking is a bit louder as Ted gets an idea. He's seen Barney use this things a bunch of times. Shouldn't be too hard to try it himself right?]


Toto, toto, dile. Totodile, di, di, totodile.

[Totally trying to write out what he's saying, although...]


asfgjaji kareykfdan oisfhguia ery;aed;p sfdgnkla tyujoishd fglks. ajen sfjdh oitloaik fdop adfhka ryuy aert asdi ohg opfdpa!

[After some time, Barney's voice can be heard]

Hey, Ted, what are you doing?


 [There's a long pause as he looks at the pokegear, trying to figure out exactly what Ted was doing. And then suddenly, it clicks!]

Ted, were you trying to write a blog? 


Ted, buddy! You are so awesome. Hey, everyone! Ted's trying to start a blog!

[ooc: Feel free to come in at any point in the entry, ie: before or after Barney's discovery. Although before will mostly be keysmash from Ted. Feel free to talk to Ted or Barney as well, as Ted's blog is meant for pokemon. Tags will mostly come in the morning]

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[ooc: again, slight nsfw]

Been a while, hasn't it readers?

Well, that's because I've been busy. A week in the woods followed by a week in the city. God I hate camping. Getting here was awful, let me tell you. Stupid owls and spiders and god knows what else. I did catch one of those racoon-thingys though. Not to sure what to call it. Any suggestions, readers?

The city's nice. I like this Violet place. Not quite New York but at least it's civilization. Which is slightly more awesome than those last too places. And the nurses here are as nice as the ones in Cherrygrove, if you know what I mean.

Getting a bit sick of the sake now though. Really craving a beer. Or a scotch and soda.

Anyone remember what the point of those old video games were? I never actually played them, I just know they were a fad.

[ooc: he's somewhere in Violet if you want action]


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