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[Our video opens today on one Barnabas Stinson. The Gear, being held by the loyal Marshall Treecko, shows Barney staring at a shelf in the pokemon mart. Staring at it, and looking rather confused.]

They still make VHS? God, you'd think with all the technology they have here, they'd have caught up to the twenty first century.

[However, he recovers quickly, and scoops up the camera]

Hey there Johto! How's it going?

You know, a lot of weird things have been going on lately. Especially with the whole pokemon powers epidemic that happened not too long ago. And that got me thinking that we are all under a lot of stress and that really, everyone needs a night off.

And so, ladies and gentlemen of Johto, I, Barney Stinson, propose a Bad Movie Night! A chance for everyone to sit back, relax, and rip apart the cinema of Johto for being just that horrible. I mean seriously, look at this.

[He holds up the video he found. A VHS affair of the classic film Ekans on a Plane.]

Who would pass up the chance to provide commentary on the pokemon version of this wonderful film? Staring, I might add, the pokemon version of Samuel L. Jackson.

No seriously, I'm pretty sure it's him.

This Wednesday, Johto, the twenty-second of August, I invite you to join me in this event. Because I can tell you right now, these movies are so bad? They'll be downright Legen - wait for it - Dary!

[Feed ends]

[OOC: IC announcement for This Event]
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[The feed clicks on, the image shaky as it sounds like there's some commotion going on. It's hard to make out what's going on until the gear clatters to the floor and looks up at the roof. It's Barney's office, clearly, but it looks like there's a windstorm going on. And you might be able to see red and brown and purple blurs flying around.]

Robin, stop! Stop! Ted, no, don't use that!

[And all of a sudden, there's a blast of water, that really just succeeds in making everything wet. There are still blurs flying around. And to make a long story short? A angry ledyba found it's way into the Goldenrod Radio Tower. And after causing chaos in the lobby, found it's way into Barney's office. And of course the door closed so Barney's trying to deal with it. With a pidgey using gust and a Shuppet just having fun making a mess and a totodile just trying to help and poor Barney in the middle of it all not sure what to do. Until he finally gets an idea. Which involves coming out from under his desk, jumping on top of it, and grabbing the ledyba as it goes by. He falls to the ground, and you will now be treated to a few minutes of man vs. pokemon with the man clearly losing. At least until all his pokemon hit it with an attack. Barney lies there for a bit with the knocked out pokemon before sitting up.]

What the hell got into this thing? I've never seen one this mad, and coming into a building. I mean, even when I fought that....

Oh for the love of-- the stupid thing's ruined my suit! And this was my better suit to! Now what am I supposed to wear?

[and all previous thoughts are forgotten as we must deal with this outrage]

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Been a while, hasn't it readers? 

As I'm sure many of you know, I've made it to Goldenrod City, which the first decent place of civilzation in this world. It's even better, now that I've got a job at the Radio Tower. Who knew they were hiring in my department! It's like life's almost back to normal for me! It's awesome!!! And they pay pretty well to.

Although they seem to be hiring a lot of people. I've had like, three janitors come by my office today to pick the trash. It's really weird.

Oh, and you can add an Officer Jenny to the count as well, if you know what I mean.

That's about all...anything you guys want me to blog about?
[Feed switches to video]

Also, does anyone have a female Treeco? [He holds up Marshall the Treeco, who waves at the camera] If you do, would you be willing to trade for a Sentret? It's kinda important.


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