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Jul. 10th, 2010 05:44 pm
usedsuitup: (Freeze Frame High Five!)
heatherusedrage Heather Mason ||
Barney and Heather haven't exactly gotten along ever since they met. Still, Barney does not mind snarking with her and enjoys baiting her. There is the sense that they could have been friends had they gotten off on the right foot. But they didn't.

bakaitoukid Kaitou Kid ||
Fancy meeting another magician here. Barney pretty much considers Kaitou a bro at this point, despite only talking over the pokegear. Barney plans to get to Goldenrod as soon as he can so they can hang out.

smokinghunter Smoker ||
Smoker's another person Barney really likes. The guy gets what Barney's usually talking about. And Barney is always happy to discuss women in police uniforms or nurse outfits. Smoker doesn't shy away from those topics, for Barney is grateful. Sheesh, so many prudes in this place.

usedthrash Donald Duck || X
It's Donald Duck. Barney still can't believe that a character he grew up watching on TV is here in pokemonland. (The same goes for Minnie), but Donald, Mickey, and Goofy were practically inspirations from him. He likes talking to the guy. And totally wants his autograph.

itsthebutz Larry Butz ||
Barney knows a true bro when he sees one and he sees one in Larry. Larry shares Barney's enjoyment of women and will probably go through the same lengths to get one. Plus Larry's going to help him with pokemon training.

usedsubstitute Iris ||
Barney met her while travelling with Larry. He thinks that she's a sweet girl and would like to get to know her more, in many ways. Still, he knows that Larry likes her and wants to avoid another situation like what happened with Ted. He tries to be helpful in teaching her things about the outside world.

threshecutioner Karkat Vantus ||
This guy is a jerk. Barney does not like him. Stop pointing out his faults Karkat he lives his life the way he wants to you would not get it. Also you have a weird way of talking. Make sense for once.

dontshootthe Junpei Iori ||
A youth that Barney had met and decided to take under his wing. Junpei is Barney's wingman-in-training and already he shows promise. He really does like the guy though, and thinks he'll go far.

badhorsefan Billy/Dr. Horrible ||
A guy who looks like Barney. Barney is a little disappointed in him since he seems kind of lame. But there is potential, which he's seen from talking to him. Billy's a work in progress.

*=Reapped by same mun.

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Jul. 10th, 2010 05:43 pm
usedsuitup: (Default)
Clearly you want to plot with an awesome guy like Barney, so go ahead and let me know here.

However, if you don't think he's being played Awesome enough, you can also let me know how to improve.

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