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[The feed clicks on, although Barney isn't really paying attention, so you can't really see much except for the sky, and maybe Barney's leg occasionally. You can also hear some humming. Sound familiar? Yeah, It's a Small World has been stuck in his head since Wednesday. He's been trying to get it unstuck, and failing, so now he's trying to reinvent the tune to fit the background music. Not going so well.

However, Barney's pretty chipper right now. He's out of bed and over his cold, and he's managed to make some money working at the Pokemon Center for the past week. He's bought himself a nice track suit, because obviously suits don't belong in the woods and he needs to save them for Goldenrod. So now he's out on Route 32 to investigate something.

While he did promise to meet Smoker in Azalea for drinks, the promise of Goldenrod has lured him, and after looking at the map, he should be able to get there quite easily from Violet. Why is everyone going around? Obviously, he has to go figure this out. So he's at the Sudowoodo crossing now]

That's it? People are going around because of a tree? Lame. Ted, take it out.

[The Totodile rises to the challenge. Barney has learned, after several water guns to the face, just how powerful his little croc can be. Ted unleashes a wave of of water, which hits the tree. Which turns around, glaring at Barney. And launches himself at him. Not at the pokemon. At Barney]


[The pokegear flies off to the side, but is soon righted by Ted, who is now recording the ensuing battle. And for a city boy who is much more a lover than a fighter, Barney's putting up a pretty good fight. He's getting cheered on by his other pokemon, except for Robin the Pidgey, who's just ashamed, and his Shuppet, who's pretty amused by his trainer right now. Sentret and Ted are supportive though, and gibberish is appearing on the bottom of the screen as Ted attempts to blog this.

Finally Barney manages to get away, and grabs a pokeball, hoping to make another capture. No dice. The pokeball goes back to Barney, who catches it with his face and promptly faints. The Sudowoodo goes back to where it was standing in a huff. There's a stunned silence]

[Finally Barney wakes up]

What the hell was that thing? Feels like  I was hit by another bus. 
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[So, Barney wandered out onto Route 32 to see what all the fuss was about. The crystallizing and the Unknown are really kinda weird, so, Barney's hiding out behind a tree till it's safe to go back to Violet. However, he's found a friend]

Hey Guys, look! It's a B, for Barney!

[He's pointing at an Unknown "B" who's floating near Barney. The Unknown just sorta blinks]

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Right, so it takes a week to get to this Violet place huh? Well, look out Violet 'cause that's where I'm headed! And when I get there it'll be legen-wait for it-dary!

[muttered] Hopefully no one looks like me there.

[There are cheers of encouragement heard from Ted]

That being said, guess I'll see people on the road right? If you want, come say hi! I mean, it gets pretty lonely out in the woods. Hope I have enough stuff.

[hot tip: he doesn't.]

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