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You know? Those gym leaders really aren't so hard.

I mean, I've barely battled in my time here, and yet I walked in and managed to walk away with this:

And I don't mean to brag, but Whitney? She didn't shed a tear.

[Those of you in and around Goldenrod may see Barney wandering around today with Whitney on his arm. While he's not treating it like a date, she certainly is, and couldn't be happier. Barney in the meantime, looks exhausted. It's been a very long date complete with shopping, training pokemon, and Barney taking her to the game corner, and then dinner on top of that.

The price of getting a gym badge.

During Dinner, Ted the Totodile will getting a hold of the gear, and accidentally uploading a video to the network. It is a video of Barney's win. Which is mostly pure luck as Barney is yelling out a flurry of confusing commands and his pokemon scrambling to obey. Most noticeable is Barney's Ledyba, who just flat out ignores Barney in favor of winning in it's own way.

Really, any trainer who takes this seriously would be offended. But that's not going to stop Barney from being smug about it.]

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[Barney is working at the pokemart today. Mostly stocking shelves but otherwise generally being helpful. Really, retail seems to suit him even though he doesn't like it. But, he's keeping his distance from the Radio Tower for the moment. Something about them not liking how he just sort of ran off. And how he may have used one of their booths without permission.

But Barney is filled with Christmas cheer. Despite being away from home, for the second time, he loves this time of year. And what better way to celebrate than by singing. And so, over the network, not unpleasantly, comes that classic Australian Christmas song:]

Six white boogers, snow white boogers
Racing Santa's sleigh through the blazing snot
Six white boogers, snow white boogers
On his Australian run.


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