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Hey everyone.

IDK how many people are aware, but the Log comm just hates sending me notifs for some reason. Because it does this, I end up having to check threads manually and that gets really annoying after a while and I end up dropping the thread due to pure annoyance with having to hunt it down and stuff. So, I'm going to try and circumvent it this time.

So, I'm going to be posting with Barney for most of the event and here's how it's going to work.

Barney and Larry have 2 costumes. The first is a devil and an angel respectively. And the second is a surprise. A treat and a trick if you will. The Devil and Angel will be active for most of the festival and this space is for that purpose. If you want to thread with Barney in his Devil costume, do it here. This way? I get the notifs and threads can happen and it will be awesome.

Also, if I tag you in the log, it'll be a tag with a link to this post, and I'll set up a specific thread for that purpose.

Also, also, if you want a thread with Roxas let me know here or on my plurk and I'll set something up here as well, just so that I'm not cluttering up stuff and what not.

I'll probably be slow with all tags and stuff, but hopefully, this system works well and we can backtag till the cows come home.

Barney is in Goldenrod, as is Roxas btw.

Happy Halloween Everyone!


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