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[Barney is working at the pokemart today. Mostly stocking shelves but otherwise generally being helpful. Really, retail seems to suit him even though he doesn't like it. But, he's keeping his distance from the Radio Tower for the moment. Something about them not liking how he just sort of ran off. And how he may have used one of their booths without permission.

But Barney is filled with Christmas cheer. Despite being away from home, for the second time, he loves this time of year. And what better way to celebrate than by singing. And so, over the network, not unpleasantly, comes that classic Australian Christmas song:]

Six white boogers, snow white boogers
Racing Santa's sleigh through the blazing snot
Six white boogers, snow white boogers
On his Australian run.

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Apologies for adding to flood, but I figured I ought to add one for the Barnacle.

Larry - Gift certificate for a suit shop that he found. There's a location in Goldenrod as well as Violet, so suit up, bro!
Smoker - A bottle of imported beer from Sinnoh. It took him so long to hunt down.
Donald - A scarf that is striped with the colours of Huey, Dewey, and Louie's caps. So he can think of his nephews when he wears it.
Kaitou - A slightly tacky Christmas tie, to wear during winter magic shows.
Romano - An official looking document outlining the terms of the Slap Bet, so they can make it official. And a lump of coal, cause he thinks Romano belongs the naughty list.
Heather - A tacky Christmas sweater. Like, the most tacky one he could find. With glow-in-the-dark sequins.


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