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You know? Those gym leaders really aren't so hard.

I mean, I've barely battled in my time here, and yet I walked in and managed to walk away with this:

And I don't mean to brag, but Whitney? She didn't shed a tear.

[Those of you in and around Goldenrod may see Barney wandering around today with Whitney on his arm. While he's not treating it like a date, she certainly is, and couldn't be happier. Barney in the meantime, looks exhausted. It's been a very long date complete with shopping, training pokemon, and Barney taking her to the game corner, and then dinner on top of that.

The price of getting a gym badge.

During Dinner, Ted the Totodile will getting a hold of the gear, and accidentally uploading a video to the network. It is a video of Barney's win. Which is mostly pure luck as Barney is yelling out a flurry of confusing commands and his pokemon scrambling to obey. Most noticeable is Barney's Ledyba, who just flat out ignores Barney in favor of winning in it's own way.

Really, any trainer who takes this seriously would be offended. But that's not going to stop Barney from being smug about it.]

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[There is a pensive Totodile on the feed today, having commandeered Barney's gear for reasons. He thought about blogging, but this matter seemed to need direct conference. And since Ted has a hard time communicating with people, pokemon it is.]

My trainer's been acting really weird lately. Like, he's been acting like his usual self, but that's just an act. I think something's bothering him, but I don't know what it is. What's a good way of finding out?

And it's like, really bad. He hasn't even talked to the Joy here!

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[The pokegear is on the floor, and it takes a few moments to come into focus. When it does, one can probably see the bottom of a table, as well as a couch. There's some sounds off to the side, Ka-chings and the like. But the main focus of the video is on Ted the Totodile, and a Treecko sitting beside him. Ted seems to be explaining something to the new pokemon, which is what hatched from the egg that Barney got for Christmas.]

Totototodile! Dile!


[The conversation seems to be about blogging and how to blog. Ted is trying to convince the Treecko to give it a shot. Treecko looks a little nervous, then gives a wave and introduces himself. Anything further gets cut off as]

Alright! Another win! Ted, Marshall, one more round and then we are eating well tonight! It's gonna be legendary!

[Barney looks like he's going back to the game, but then he notices the pokegear. He picks it up.]

Man, Goldenrod City is more awesome than I thought! They even have a casino here! It's so cool.

[Someone is gambling away his savings]

[Feel free to hit up either the pokemon or Barney]

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[The audio of the pokegear is on, so you can probably hear the sounds of  Ted the Totodile puttering around. It kinda sounds like he's singing a song, or talking to himself.]

Toto--dile, toto--dile, totototo----dile! Dile, dile, Totodile!

[He's noticed the pokegear now, and the talking is a bit louder as Ted gets an idea. He's seen Barney use this things a bunch of times. Shouldn't be too hard to try it himself right?]


Toto, toto, dile. Totodile, di, di, totodile.

[Totally trying to write out what he's saying, although...]


asfgjaji kareykfdan oisfhguia ery;aed;p sfdgnkla tyujoishd fglks. ajen sfjdh oitloaik fdop adfhka ryuy aert asdi ohg opfdpa!

[After some time, Barney's voice can be heard]

Hey, Ted, what are you doing?


 [There's a long pause as he looks at the pokegear, trying to figure out exactly what Ted was doing. And then suddenly, it clicks!]

Ted, were you trying to write a blog? 


Ted, buddy! You are so awesome. Hey, everyone! Ted's trying to start a blog!

[ooc: Feel free to come in at any point in the entry, ie: before or after Barney's discovery. Although before will mostly be keysmash from Ted. Feel free to talk to Ted or Barney as well, as Ted's blog is meant for pokemon. Tags will mostly come in the morning]


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